About Us


Bringing the sports world to life is our mission here at Pegasus Sports. We focus on the most effective way to bring fashion and sports together in the home. Our priority is to engage with every customer demographic in order to understand their behavior and purchasing patterns to ensure that we are always up to date on current product trends. Our commitment to this engagement along with our knowledge of the sports world, has allowed us to give fans an experience they will never forget.

We are the leading pillow manufacturer in sports, producing and distributing millions of pillows per year through our six facilities here in the United States. These facilities enable efficient distribution and logistics, helping to keep our lead times to a minimum while servicing the entire country.

Watching the game at home with friends and family is always an enjoyable experience. Being at home gives fans the opportunity to unwind in an environment of comfort, peace and love. We strive to make that environment even more comfortable by providing a vast assortment of game day additions.